A Baker’s Dozen + One, or if Wendy Williams and Keith Olbermann Spawned

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If you’re not up to date, let’s go. If you are, let’s go for a ride.

Now, let’s start serious.
1. We need a Healthcare bill with a public option, and no state opt-out. We need reform on the delivery of health care and pharmaceutical industry more.
2. Wait a minute, we screamed at Bush to bring the troops home from Iraq, and he signed the agreement that has decreased the forces from 250 to 130,000. But while President Obama is keeping his campaign promise to increase our presence in Afghanistan when he tells us tonight he’s deploying 30,000 additional troops there, I doubt there will be a whimper, let alone an outcry, even though that deployment will bring the number to 68,000, more than double when Bush left office. The movie ‘Charlie’s War’ stays in my mind and it all sucks.
3. Speaking about President Obama? NY Rep. Peter King wants to speak to (‘flay’) White House Social Security Desiree Rogers about how the Salahis not only got into the first State dinner, but stayed even after a Washington Post reporter spoke to the White House staff twice, and then emailed them later that night, saying they shouldn’t be there. Rogers has really showcased the White House well, but before the Inauguration, the bird in my ear said what is being said now – inexperienced, inexperienced, inexperienced, and it will show. Let’s be glad it didn’t hurt the First Couple, and remember, it isn’t all on her. Secret Service, Secret Service, Secret Service. BTW did you know the Salahis tried to crash the Congressional Black Caucus dinner in late September? They got shown the gate. Obviously their security wasn’t trained outside the Secret Service.
4. Regarding the Black suspect who allegedly killed the four Tacoma, WA police officers:
-if you did that, suck on you.
-to the posters who know most Blacks suffer from collective guilt (unconscious by product of insidious racism), and pray ‘please don’t let him be Black so we all get blamed,’ that’s not me. He doesn’t belong to me. I don’t know him. I don’t take responsibility. So look at/post on me twice and I’ll look/post back, ‘child, please.’ Play that mind game somewhere else.
-speaking of ‘child,please’ – From the Seattle PI newspaper. “The officer fired several rounds, took the person into custody. Clemmons was pronounced dead.” Did anyone else think this was a foregone outcome?

I can’t live without sports!!
5. Tiger Tiger Tiger. No, we don’t have a right to be nosy, and I gave this my ‘Black bias’ test – put a White athlete I can’t stand, because of course you’d want to see them publicly flayed, in the situation and go ‘do I?’ Brett Favre? Tom Brady?. Nah, still wouldn’t. As for the other woman angle, I was sure this was about collards and mac cheese (sorry, Black bias does apply here), now a waitress swears she has sextexts to prove her affair with Tiger. Why is she just NOW yapping? Yes, there’s a Black women take on this issue. Check out http://yourblacknews.blogspot.com/2009/12/tiger-woods-and-his-interracial.html.
6. Speaking of Tiger, Ty, T.O. & Charlie Weis … The moment, okay the third or fourth moment, after Tiger became TMZ fodder I thought of T.O. – “Terrell has 25 million reasons …’ and immediately was RMAOTFLO because I KNEW Stanford now had three huge reasons to stuff arrogant Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis into a loss of the game and subsequently his job: 1) Jim Harbaugh – HE’S BEING MENTIONED FOR THE NOTRE DAME JOB! At a minimum his stock goes up, and if he truly becomes a candidate Stanford may do the Charlie Weis and kaching to keep him. Squat, drop, dump Charlie in the end zone. 2) Ty Willingham – former Stanford and Notre Dame coach – he was 15-9 with Davie’s players and after being dumped after one 6-5 season, had to watch as Charlie not only continued an 18-6 run with his players, but got a mega contract extension. A comeuppance on Charlie could soothe even his hard years at the University of Washington where he endured a ‘broken legged qb and what CBS called ‘the hardest national schedule.’ Too small to tackle, but a face mask violation. Booyah! Finally, 3) Tiger – who besides needing a new set of friends (I mean really, who you talking to bro? Shore up your leaks) and Charles Barkley’s PR team (does anything stick to our lovable brotha?) for sure did NOT want to continue being the #1 lead story on every sports station. Not saying he CALLED Harbaugh, but can you imagine Stanford being willing to ‘accommodate’ its generous #1 athlete booster.
7. Last note on Tiger – did the Florida Highway Patrol really think it was going to get a warrant for Tiger’s medical records based on the crappy ‘he said’ and conflicting statements from Elin? Tiger gets traffic fine for careless driving. Whoo ee.
8. Fall to the floor Chris Hyde. While I love NY Yankee Derek Jeter as Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year, come on, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. Circumcizing children in the Philippines. Hello! And Sportman makes me think of sportsmanship. The only time I hadn’t rooted for Bobby Bowden was when he came close to dethroning my beloved honey bunny Joe Pa’s most wins by any NCAA Division IA football coach. The way Florida State ‘retired’ Bowden, the school of Warrick Dunn, Derrick Brooks, Paul Azinger, and Charlie Ward, was classless.
9. If my day didn’t include ESPN, the Dan Patrick Show, and ESPN, well why get up. Tonight they showcase North Carolina versus Michigan State tonight. Roy Williams versus Tom Izzo. Me and 6 mths old Charlie Zwerk versus his dad Eric. It’s on.

Entertainment – Yes, I’m saying it!
10. Precious – skipping whether 1) Lee Daniels is hooked on light-skinned heroes and dark-skinned victims/antagonists, 2) you loved the movie or thought the fantasies made it too comical, and/or 3) you hated Monique because you didn’t want to sympathize/empathize with her character and/or you heard she wouldn’t promote the movie without getting paid. No JHud distraction awards for this movie, please. Monique deserves, I holla deserves, an Oscar for her role. It was riveting from the beginning to the end of her speech, which made me want to throw up. That voice of why some mothers do what she does needed to be heard so we can deal.
11. Michael Jackson’s ‘This is It – Some artists are good. Some great. Some …
My DVD player is on my computer, but I’m buying this DVD when it comes out January 26, 2010. The DVD will contain an extra hour of footage we didn’t see in the movie. Buy it. He’s beyond genius.
12. Soul Train Awards … were a TOTAL derailment except for Taraji, Terrence, and the Chaka Khan honor. The sets looked dime store. There were very very few musical and acting stars that did not live in Atlanta, and the sound system sucked worse than the AMA’s. Come on Atlanta, the Stellar Awards look better.
13. But the Soul Train Awards did introduce me to Centric – BET’s new cable station ‘reflecting the lifestyle and sophistication of today’s African-American and multi-cultural adult.’ Okay, yeah, right. Anyway, since the station has been running reruns of shows previously on BET I totally missed it. Howevah, I have checked it out (http://www.centrictv.com/) and I may like what is coming down the pike. I recommend you check it out too.


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3 Responses to A Baker’s Dozen + One, or if Wendy Williams and Keith Olbermann Spawned

  1. Cheryl says:

    Yeaah, She’s baack! Didn’t even pick upon the Lee Daniels thing. Thanks for pointing out. You’re on your game Renee. Looking forward to reading what you got to say.

  2. chris says:

    Great site…keep up the good work.

  3. Coolaid says:

    Hey, ex-roommate from way back in the day! Glad to hear from you. About Precious, you are not the first one I heard make the same remark about Lee Daniels. I liked Monique’s performance right up to the point when she started making excuses, “She took my man.” Up to that point, I was thinking Oscar. I, too, was a little sick of the daydreams-never gonna happen episodes. Incest happens all the time, and maybe even to someone you know. In that regard, I think it’s a good thing to discuss it and show it on the big-screen, if for no other reason than that it could be happening to someone, who will then hopefully seek help.

    This is it was okay–but I could have waited for the DVD, which was already out. The one surprise was Darryl Phinnessee–remember him?

    Sorry to hear you haven’t been well. Hope you’re okay, now.

    Okay, time for bed. I look forward to reading your blogs in the future.

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