Yes, I’m Proudly Rooting for Penn State

I am 100% rooting for Penn State to win today and have a successful season.
I know this isn’t a popular stance. However, if you know me, it’s not often I shy away from a position, just because it’s not popular. No one should ever do that. It rots your soul. My soul feels just fine.
I can’t remember when I first became a Penn State Nittany Lion fan. It seems like forever. Can’t remember why, either. My father, who instilled the fanatic love of sports in me, wasn’t a diehard Penn State fan. That’s reserved for all things in Tennessee. Sigh. But I am a Penn State diehard, without reservation. It’s not just football. I LOVE their basketball and volleyball teams. The ladies are vicious.
The last ten months have been very difficult. No one likes to see something or someone they love and respect, go through what Penn State has suffered. As a rape survivor, I absolutely do not want another person to go through sexual assaults, especially helpless victims like children. This never should have happened, there were enough warning signs that a lot of people, and not just Penn State administrators or Joe Pa, should have been screaming from the top of their lungs – “something is hinky here.” Like too often, from the Catholic Church and other religious institutions, the Boy Scouts, foster homes, juvenile centers, homeless shelters, and on and on, too many stay silent.
For me, wishing the best for the current football players and the current football coach in no way detracts, denigrates, or means I have less sympathy or do not support the victims. Personally, as a rape survivor I find it offensive that anyone makes that correlation.
I have a friend with a family member that is currently in jail for sexual assault of two minors. A teacher who allegedly took advantage of some of his high school students. Many have deserted her and his family. His wife and daughters are constantly subjected to some of the most vile acts imaginable. That is not acceptable for me.
Bad acts, heinous acts have so many victims. Victims become survivors with support.
If you don’t want to support Penn State, I respect that choice. Respect mine.
Penn State is more than a football program or a few individuals. Go Penn State.

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