My Sports Baker’s Dozen 4 the Weekend

Could there NOT have been a better last 4 days in sports?  College, Pro, Basketball, Football, Curling.  Yes, I said Curling.

My Baker’s Dozen, IN ORDER, of what I, not you, thought was important, and why?  But feel free to comment.  Not that I will care, but I’ll listen.

13.  Mark McGwire admitting to using steroids – the media never desecrated him as they did Barry Bonds.  He will get an ‘Andy Pettitte’ and get in the Hall of Fame.

12.  Yes, San Francisco 49er’s tight end Vernon Davis is the honorary captain for the US Olympic Curling team, and yes, Black folks watch the Olympics.  Some of us love winter sports … even if we only spectate.

11.  Tommy Tubberville as Texas Tech’s new head coach.  Knew Black assistant interim head McNeill would not get the position – Tech needed a ‘name’ – however I’m annoyed when ESPN gives their ‘people’ a ‘yes, I’m interested and qualified, let me tell you why platform’ when a new position is open.

10.  My Timmy Florida would have beat the ‘Bama that beat the Texas that played for the BCS national championship.  College football playoff within the next eight years.

9.    Mayweather – Pacquiao: Total trash talking.  There will be a fight.

8.    Thank goodness Southern hired Redskin Assistant Coach “Stump” Mitchell as their football coach  The thought of former Grambling coach and star, Super Bowl MVP Doug Williams playing for the enemy was just too much.

7.    Whatever CBS is paying James Brown to stay with CBS’s NFL pregame team that’s now Cowher, Marino, Esaison, and Sharpe can’t be THAT much.

6.    Patriots – They lost when Tom Brady was injured last year, and they traded Richard Seymore this year.  And yes, this loss was a referendum.

The Bears lost when they retained Lovie Smith.  His press conference proved new coordinators/assistants will have to do it his way, which works ‘no way.’  Cowher in 2012.

5.    Though my NFL playoff picks sucked, 50%.  I still predict the Jets will beat the Chargers, the Cardinals will beat the Saints, and the Cowboys will beat the Vikings.  I want the Colts to win too bad to open my mouth on this game.

4.    Pete Carroll going back to the NFL is understandable because one, when you get a better chance to do over what you consider a previous ‘failure’ you take it, and two, when you’re not feeling your job anymore it’s time to go (your boss (Mike Garrett) doesn’t seem to have your back with these NCAA investigations, you can’t 24/7 police your players, your last few teams haven’t competed for the national championship, and you may get some hammer from the NCAA).  He’ll be back in college within four years … failure number two.

3.  The Rooney Rule, like affirmative action, is successful, because it allows qualified candidates, who would not otherwise get a shot, to get face time AND it shines a mirror on the ‘old boy’s network’ still long-held beliefs, which Sen. Harry Reid and former President Bill Clinton, two LIBERALS, proved still glows down.  The downside, good people like Vikings defensive coordinator, Leslie Frazier, and Redskins assistant, Jerry Gray, get pimped.  Don’t feel sorry for them.  If they’re smart, pimping can be very lucrative and used wisely.  If they’re not, that’s they’re problem.

For instance, since USC can’t get Oregon State’s Mike Riley, and are looking for an NFL guy, forget Jacksonville’s Jack del Rio.  We need more Black head coaches in Division 1 NCAA football programs.  Let’s consider some of these outstanding NFL Black assistants …

  • Ravens assistant Mark Carrier: Cornerback Southern California 1987-89. Pro cornerback Chicago Bears, 1990-96, Detroit Lions 1997-99, Washington Redskins 2000. College coach: Arizona State 2004-05. Pro coach: Joined Ravens in 2006.
  • Raven assistant Hue Jackson: College coach: Arizona State (1992-95); California (1996); USC (1997-2000). Pro coach: Washington Redskins (2001-03), Cincinnati Bengals (2004-06), Atlanta Falcons (2007). Joined Ravens in 2008.
  • Green Pay Packer Assistant Head Coach Winston Moss: Pro player 1983-97. Pro coach: Seattle Seahawks 1998, New Orleans Saints 2000-05, joined Packers in 2006.

2.    Former NBA Star Jayson Williams finally pled guilty to aggravated assault in connection with the 2002 shooting where he accidentally killed his 55-year-old driver at his mansion.  Jayson’s character was shown in how he has handled this and his life since that moment.  I wish him better.  This only ranked high because of the Gilbert Arenas situation.  There’s lots of rabble on what to do with Gilbert, but as usual, I think sportswriter Jason Whitlock has put his ‘foot’ in it.

And my number one sports story …

1.  Tennessee Men beat undefeated Kansas.  Forget I love the Lady Vols and my parents are from Tennessee.  Forget I hate Kansas because when Bill Self left Illinois, Illinois took my SIU-C coach Bruce Weber.  Yes, SIU-C has still done well, but still.  I love Bruce Pearl.  When now dismissed Tennessee hoop star Tyler Smith’s father was dying, he placed his son in Bruce Pearl’s hands.  Pearl stepped to the plate.  Smith recently made a stupid, could be life changing, mistake when he was caught in a car with weed and guns, but Smith is stepping up like a man.  Pearl is behind him, as well as the other three players in the car.  Go Tennessee.  Go Smith.  Go Pearl.

My Sports Baker’s Dozen.

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