Gotta Cover a Lot of Territory, So Keep Up

In no particular order, just my thoughts as I rumble through my assorted 20 odd papers at the end of the day …

1. U.S. to Drop Case Against Ex-Senator From Alaska. The Republican Justice Dept. committed prosecutorial misconduct resulting in a Republican Senator probably losing his seat, so the Democratic AG not only drops the charges against him but says he won’t pursue a new trial, which keeps him out of jail. GET OUT OF HERE!! And I still didn’t care because from the facts he’s still guilty.

2. Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth was charged Wednesday with killing a pedestrian last month while driving drunk (.126 when the legal limit is .08) after a night out at a swank South Beach nightspot. Three reactions the moment I heard it originally. One, omg that poor man’s family. I bet he was drunk. I was right. Two, Stallworth has a lousy attorney. You won’t like this but it’s the prosecution’s job to prove their case. You don’t give it to them. I’m sure most athletes have attorneys on retainer, and any attorney worth his salt should have told his client AHEAD OF TIME (hello Plaxico Burress), ‘if you’re in a situation with alcohol or drugs involved, walk away. Stay hidden until the drugs and alcohol are out of your system.’ Blame it on I was delirious. Now he is charged with DUI manslaughter, as opposed to leaving the scene of an accident. Just because there is a death involved does not mean prosecutors should not have to prove their case any more than they had to with Senator Stevens. Third, this will sound like an oxymoron, but it isn’t. There is evidence that Stallworth broke the law. A person died. He gets no special treatment. He goes to jail. End of story. Do not drink and drive. I think of some of the stupid things I did in my hey day and am grateful we are all safe. So grateful. People, do not drink, do drugs, and drive.

3. Officer Powell quits. He was terrified he would be fired after the Moats incident. Buh bye. To all those who hated on Ryan Moats in article comments, not surprising. You’re sick.

4. Have no clue why Tim Floyd would want to leave USC to go to Arizona, and don’t care since I don’t root for either of them.
New Kentucky basketball coach, John Calipari, has made it difficult not to root for Kentucky since I love him and he called former Kentucky coach Tubby Smith for advice. But I’ll try.
Jay Cutler is being traded from the Broncos. Everybody keeps cracking on Cutler. Look, McDaniels lied to him, but Jay, newsflash. When the owner calls (if the owner called, let’s see some phone records from Jay), you respond. And don’t now say you didn’t expect it to get to this (a trade) when you asked for a trade. If you don’t like the way the new coach acts, then don’t mimic his actions. Man up, act with integrity, and own your actions. Go to the owner and suck up or take the trade. If the latter, hope he goes to the Jets who I like because I do like Cutler (Vanderbilt guy), and now I can root for him because I DON’T like the Broncos (used to live in KC, it’s a Chief thing). LOL
Called my lifelong bestie in KC who went to Mizzou to scream about my new lovah Mike Anderson – Missouri has signed head coach Mike Anderson to a new seven-year contract. She laughed, told me to get off the drugs, and reminded me he is married. LOL. Then said she missed most of the Tigers’ games because she was in church. I shall not repeat that conversation, but God was definitely on my side. Anderson is hot. I love his wife and daughter. And go Tigers go. GO GO GO!

5. CBS cancels the soap Guiding Light after 72 years. As I said I know people in the industry, relatives and friends. I’m in a juxtaposition. My sadness is for the producer, Ellen Wheeler. I like her, but she’s part of the problem I guess since I did not like anything about GL the last several years. So really my sadness if for the GL i knew growing up, that had Mama Bauer, and Peter Simon (love me some Peter Simon), and Roger and Holly, and Ben and Maeve, and Russ. The soap that was the first to introduce regular African-American characters in 1966. That GL. And I akin the soap’s cancellation to what is happening in the business world today, large and small. Integrity. The integrity left the management of soaps so long ago, as it has the business world. So weeping over their calamity is hard for me to do. Sad for the carnage they leave. If the carnage had integrity while it was there. For it and them I weep.

6. Speaking of lack of integrity – Let’s talk about the Girl Scouts. I was a Girl Scout from Brownie through Senior Cadet. I buy my Girl Scout cookies from my cousin who this year messed me over because they didn’t get a cookie leader and she didn’t tell me, even though I bugged her every couple of months with ‘don’t forget my cookies.’ I missed out on my cookies. I’ve been trying to find cookies. Finally sent an email to Girl Scout headquarters explaining my plight. Now on the Girl Scout web site you can type in your zip code and it will tell you if your local area is selling cookies. Mine isn’t. Season is over. That’s why I sent the email. You cannot tell me there are no cookies anywhere in the U.S. The reply was – contact your local Girl Scouts. Excuse me. THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOCIETY AND WHY THINGS ARE FAILING, and yes I told the Cookie monsters that. Integrity, which is customer service, would have been for Ms. Girl Scout to contact local and determine that they could solve the problem. Integrity, which is customer service, would have been for Ms. Girl Scout to determine if they could not solve the problem to ensure I found some cookies. Her second response – My job is only to tell you where to go, LOL. To contact the local chapter.
And that is why I no longer want any Girl Scout cookies. Will not support the Girl Scouts. And will tell them where to go, LOL. That is me going beyond my job.

7. Finally, the Dems are Investigating the Bush Administration’s Role In AIG Collapse. It’s about daggum time, but they’re still off the mark. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it twice, and I’ll keep going on record until someone listens. This collapse was orchestrated to get the bailout money from the beginning so the rich could get reimbursed, have losses to claim for tax purposes, and push it all off on the little guy. They got the ball started with the indictment of Gov. Spitzer. He had to be pushed out of the way because he was a bull against Wall Street manipulations. Once his credibility was in question, they collapsed a perfectly good company called Lehman Bros. because the panic had to ensue before Bush left office because just possibly, although I doubt it now, Obama may have had a brain and said WTF.

Unfortunately, just like the acts of torture and weapons of mass destruction, we will find out just enough of the truth to know it was all a sham. We’ve been had, and now we’re dumb and dumber … oh and broken. Pisses me off these fools can’t figure this crap out ahead of time like so many of us lower dumb arses. Oops, actually they do. Or didn’t you know that? Not LOL

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